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We acquired our first Golden Retriever in 1990, and it has been one great adventure since.   We actively train and compete in obedience, hunt tests, tracking, and on occasion have been seen in the agility and conformation show rings.   Doug hunts with our Goldens and all of our breeding dogs have proven their abilities in real-life hunting on waterfowl and upland game birds.    We are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, the Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club, and the Brazosport Retriever Club.   Over the years we have served in a variety of volunteer positions in these organizations, and we believe strongly in giving back to the sports that have given us so much.   For over 20 years we were located on the western outskirts of the Houston metropolitan area.  In 2021, we retired and moved to Mancos, Colorado.

For over 25 years we bred with the goal of producing Golden Retrievers that are sound in mind and body, correct to the breed standard, and possess outstanding working ability.   Stable temperament and good health wee of utmost importance to us.   It has been of great importance to us that our dogs meet the Golden Retriever breed standard, and that they be structurally sound, balanced, athletic, and capable of meeting with ease the long-term physical demands of a career in competition obedience, agility, tracking, hunt tests or hunting.  Drive and desire to retrieve and to work, keen intelligence, courage and confidence, and a stable temperament are essential characteristics that we wished to preserve in our breeding program.   Our breeding decisions made every effort to minimize inheritance of genetic health problems. 

Our first litter was bred in 1995, and in 2019 we bred our last litters.   We will continue to make a couple of our outstanding boys available at stud to approved bitches.   We look forward to retirement from breeding, and having time to spend training, competing, and just enjoying life with our dogs.  

Anne and Doug McGuire
Mancos, CO