OTCH U-UD Vintage Timeless Raindrop 


April 23, 1998
October 6, 2006

River's Pedigree

" .... Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.  The river was cut
  by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time.  On some
  of the rocks are timeless raindrops.  Under the rocks are the words, ....."

from A River Runs Through It 
by Norman MacLean

River represents the first generation of Vintage-bred Golden Retrievers.   She  titled in obedience, tracking, agility, and hunt tests.  Her SH title was earned in four straight tests, and she had one Master pass.   River worked as Doug's hunting dog for several seasons, and hunted a variety of bird species including doves, ducks, and geese.   Hunting was her favorite activity!     In the agility ring River's speed was blazing!   She had MX legs and needed one last Excellent Jumpers pass for the AXJ.  

River made her obedience ring debut in the summer of 2002.  In one weekend she earned her UKC novice title, in three straight trials, with two High in Trial awards.   She was shown in AKC Novice B class seven times, qualifying every time, with scores from 196 to 199.5 and two High in Trial awards.    At the 2002 GRCA National Specialty, River earned the GRCA's Mud Creek Flare Trophy for the Highest Scoring Dog in the obedience trial handled by their owner/breeder/GRCA member.   River qualified for Dog World Awards for both her AKC and UKC CD titles.   Her CDX was earned from the Open B class, in 3 straight shows, with an average score of 195.5.    River earned her UD title in only 3 shows, in stiff Utility B competition with a 3rd and a 4th placement over titled OTCH dogs.  The next day she took a Utility 3rd place and her first OTCH points.    At her next show weekend, first time competing in both Open and Utility at the same show, she was 3rd or 4th place in every class, and earned her first 3 UDX legs.  

Her UDX was completed in 11 shows, with placements on almost all legs.    April 2 & 3, 2005, she earned her UDX2 title, and qualified for the GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame.   In July 2005, River finished her AKC OTCH title!   At the time of her passing, she had 28 UDX legs, 2 AXJ legs, one MH pass, and MX legs and MACH points.   She was preparing to re-enter agility competition in pursuit of a MACH, training with her dear friend Penny Wellman.

River was a littermate and ½ sibling to dogs multiply titled in agility, obedience, and field.   Her sister, “Julie,” was High In Trial at the 2001 GRCA National Specialty Agility Trial, and was one of seven Goldens to qualify for the GRCA Agility Hall of Fame in 2002.    Julie completed her MACH2 title in May 2005.  Sister "Rumor" has two Master hunt test passes, earned her AKC CD with Novice B placements, won High In Trial from Novice B at her first UKC obedience trial, has earned her MX and MXJ titles, and is working on her MACH.

River inherited eagerness to please and a strong work ethic from her mother, Sierra.  From her sire, Riley, she got bidability, focus and intensity, and pin-point marking skills.  She was intelligent, easy to train, eager to work, able to take correction and come back trying harder, affectionate and loving, with a sparkling personality!  At home River was a calm, well-behaved house dog, but take her out to work and she was all energy and enthusiasm.  She and her littermates all lived happily as house pets, several with young children and an assortment of other pets.  River was built light and lean, and is very light on her feet, well-balanced and agile.  She had a moderate coat with long feathering.

Click here to view River's health clearance information.   River had three litters of puppies.  In March 2008, the accomplishments of those offspring earned River the GRCA's Outstanding Dam certificate.
Whelped 7/18/2001, sired by CH Weststar's Robin Goodfellow CDX TD SH VCX
Whelped 5/9/2003,  sired by Aurum's Benden Skywalker TD (major ptd)
Whelped 11/3/2004, sired by Sky-Lab Argus of Belvedere *** WC OS   (via 22 year old frozen semen!)

River left us all too soon, taken by malignant histiocytosis, a rapidly spreading and aggressive immune system cancer.   We are indebted to Penny & Paul Wellman for making River a part of their family in the last year of her life.  She is dearly missed by both the McGuire and Wellman households.

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