Gabby was adopted from Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue of Texas.   In January 2016, Gabby was found running stray in Baytown, TX.   She was starving, down to 48 lb from her healthy weight of 70 lb.   She had heartworms, and severe skin and ear infections.    We know nothing of Gabby's past other than it appears that she was living on the streets for some time, and she is loving and trusting with people.   We think she was about 8-10 years old when found.  

A month in loving foster care with GBGRR cleared up Gabby's ear infections, started healing her skin, and revealed her loving, sometimes impish personality!   We adopted her in February 2016.   Gabby came through heartworm treatment, and her skin is improving.  She has fit right into our household, getting along with all the other dogs.  Gabby's even proven to be a good traveler, going to Colorado with us on family vacations. 

The wag of her tail and glow in her eyes remind us every day of the joys of owning a senior Golden!   Gabby is the 3rd senior (over 8 yrs old) we've adopted from GBGRR.   While we know the time we have with them is limited, we also know they enrich our lives in priceless ways.

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