Vintage Solitaire JH WCX

whelped August 31, 2013

Diamond's Pedigree

Diamond just overflows with energy, drive, and enthusiasm for retrieving or any other game we want to play with her!  'Fast Faster FASTER!' is her motto!   This promising puppy showed boldness and athletic ability from the start, scaling 5 foot fences by 5 months age!   Now she's growing up and channeling that energy and drive towards field and obedience work; training for hunt tests, with a little competition obedience work on the side.   As of April 2017, Diamond has 3 AKC Senior hunter passes, aiming to finish the title in Fall 2017.  Meanwhile she continues to train towards Master.

Diamond whelped her first litter February 19, 2016 -- 5 girls, 4 boys, followed by a small litter of two November 2016.   These puppies are already earning titles and proving to be excellent working and competition dogs.   Her next and final breeding is planned for Spring 2018. 

Diamond has quite the stylish water entry.  Click on the button to see a short video clip of Di flying! Diamond's Water Entry  

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