September 13, 1992
January 24, 2004

Jasper's Pedigree

U-CDX Aurum's Vintage Dubl Trouble CDX TDX JH WC CGC

Jasper was a littermate to our foundation bitch, Sierra. Like his litter sister, he possessed keen intelligence, strong drive, and a willingness to do whatever was asked of him. He was also an inveterate ham – he LOVED to be the center of attention, and was known for playing to the crowd while he was being shown in the obedience ring. Laughter and applause made Jasper’s day. Also like Sierra, Jasper absolutely loved to get out and hunt. His keen nose and natural ability made him an excellent working retriever, and he even learned how to find and flush pheasants in just two outings.

Jasper was our first dog to earn a Dog World Award, and finished his Junior Hunter title in four straight tests. One of his finest moments was earning his Tracking Dog Excellent title. He drew a challenging 980-yard track, and the rain started nearly an hour before he was put on the start. He completed the track in under 12 minutes, never getting more than 10 feet away from the footsteps of the tracklayer.

Like all of our Goldens, Jasper had a strong desire to be with people. Though he was delighted to be out working, he was an outstanding dog to live with. To see him relaxing around the house, you would have thought he was firmly embracing his retirement. Yet in the next moment, let out into the yard, he was likely to be flying around playing canine games with the rest of the pack, zooming and jumping and generally acting like a puppy.

At 6 years of age Jasper survived a near fatal bout of chronic ehrlichiosis.   He defied the odds and the dozen or so vets who predicted his early demise.   Perhaps he had some greater purpose and knew he was still needed here on this Earth.   For nearly 6 more years we were blessed to have him in our lives.   Yet even Jasper couldn't escape the inevitable.  Or perhaps his purpose had finally been accomplished.   December 2003 a hemangiosarcoma tumor was detected in his heart.     Jasper earned his angel wings and left us on January 24, 2004.   

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