Vintage Aid'N The Search

November 3, 2004
May 6, 2016

Aid'N Pedigree

Aid'N was a FEMA-certified urban disaster dog.   Aid'N was trained to search rubble of destroyed buildings for human survivors.    His training began early in puppyhood with his owner/trainer/handler Denise Corliss.  As a certified search team, Aid'N and Denise trained regularly to maintain their skills, ready on a moment's notice for deployment to the scene of a disaster.  Aid'N's training required him to learn to negotiate with rubble moving and shifting under his feet as he fearlessly searched for a live person hidden under the rubble pile.   He was required to work fast and confidently and to alert his handler (by barking) as soon as he finds a victim.  Someone's life may have depended on his ability to find them fast and alert to the exact location of the victim.   Aid'N also had to learn skills such as being lifted in and out of disaster scenes via helicopter, and traveling politely in the cabin of airplanes when flying to the scene of a deployment.

During his working career, Aid'N and Denise were members of FEMA's Texas Task Force One.   Aid'N retired in 2014, at 9 yrs age, and Denise is now working his nephew "Taser."



On deployment at West, Texas April 2013.    An explosion at a local fertilizer plant caused massive destruction to the town of West.  Texas Task Force One deployed to search for survivors in the rubble.

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