Vintage Charged And Ready To Deploy


Whelped May 2, 2011

Taser was bred to work, and selected from the litter as the puppy with the most potential to become an advanced search-and-rescue dog.  From early puppyhood, Taser trained towards the goal of becoming a FEMA urban search and rescue (USAR) dog.   Taser's early training emphasized confidence and agility skills, as well as teaching basic search skills such as using scent to identify which barrel a human "victim" is hidden in, and learning to bark to indicate the correct barrel.  A rousing game of tug is all the reward and motivation that Taser needs!  Full of confidence and drive, this dog just lives to WORK!    Taser is now a working USAR canine member of Texas Task Force One.

Taser went to "camp," to develop his search skills:

  Then back home to formally enter the FEMA training program for USAR dogs:


In 2013 Taser passed his FEMA advanced certification and is now a full-fledged member of Texas Task Force One, ready to deploy on search missions with owner/handler/trainer Denise Corliss!

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