More About Golden Retrievers

There is a wealth of information available on the Internet about Golden Retrievers.   Check out some of the following web sites:

Golden Retriever Club of America

The Golden Retriever Club (UK)

K9Data Pedigree Database

For suggestions of good books and videos about Goldens,
check out the GRCA Education Resources page.

For information about buying a Golden Retriever puppy, click here.

Thinking about breeding your Golden Retriever?  
There is SO MUCH you need to learn and think about FIRST.  
who owns a female dog that has a litter of puppies, is by definition
 a “breeder.”   Being a RESPONSIBLE breeder requires a great deal more effort. 
The following web sites and articles may be of help to you:

Who Cares

The Costs of Breeding a Litter

Know The Facts Before Breeding Your Dog

No Christmas Puppies, Please!

More on Breeding Your Pet


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