Before you buy a puppy, please read the following articles!

Golden Retriever Information from the GRCA

Hereditary Health Concerns in Golden Retrievers

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Breeder

Responsible Breeders

The  Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club  maintains a Breeder List of club member breeders.   We recommend that as a starting point in your search for a reputable breeder in the greater Houston, TX area.   In addition, the GHGRC Puppy Referral pages contain valuable information for you on buying a puppy!

GHGRC Puppy Referral Pages

GHGRC Breeder List

GHGRC Home Page


The addition of a puppy to your family is an important event.  This creature will be a part of your family for the next 10 to 15 years.   Buying a puppy is not unlike acquiring another child:   a puppy must be cared for, fed, cleaned, cleaned up after.  It must be trained and taught how to behave.  It will require veterinary care.   It is a living being with intelligence, emotions, a will of its own.  It can love and it can feel disappointment and heartbreak.   Unlike a child, a puppy never grows up to total independence; it will depend on you to see to its most basic physical and emotional needs for its entire 10-15 year lifespan.

Before you buy a Golden Retriever puppy, PLEASE take a few moments to learn more about the breed, to determine if it truly is the right breed for your family, to learn why it is important to buy ONLY from a responsible breeder, and learn how to locate and recognize a responsible breeder. 

The immense popularity of the Golden Retriever in recent years has led to an abundance of litters bred for all the wrong reasons.  Increasingly we are seeing Goldens with poor temperament, some very aggressive and dangerous.   The breed has a number of significant hereditary health problems, some of which may be fatal.  

Sound and stable temperament, and good health are basic concerns for ANY puppy buyer, most especially those who want a pet.   You should also have the right to expect a Golden Retriever puppy to grow up to have the pleasing appearance expected for this breed.  Sound health, stable temperament, pleasing looks … these are characteristics that do NOT just happen by accident.  To produce puppies that have these qualities takes careful planning, researching bloodlines and pedigrees, knowledge of the breed and breeding.   Raising a litter of puppies that is healthy and well-socialized requires a great deal of time and attention and commitment on the part of the breeder.  It is much much MUCH more than simply putting two dogs together in the backyard, and getting a litter of puppies born under the porch 2 months later, and sold through an ad in the newspaper when they are 4-5 weeks old. 

We strongly encourage you to buy only from a breeder who adheres to the GRCA Code of Ethics, and that at a minimum can offer:

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