Upcoming Vintage Litters

Our puppies are bred to excel as working hunting retrievers and performance dogs.   They are selectively bred for keen intelligence, desire to work, drive and energy.    They require attention and training to provide adequate mental exercise.  They are bred for athleticism and to have the energy levels needed in a working gun dog.   They are not well suited for homes seeking a calm, laid-back pet that won’t need a lot of attention or exercise.

Our puppies are raised in our home, not in the kennel. As they grow up they are provided with a wide range of experiences and challenges appropriate for their age and stage of development.   By the time they go home to you, your puppy will have been exposed to different surfaces including lots of play time on grass, will have had individual time in a crate, will be used to being groomed, bathed, and having nails trimmed, will have had an introduction to duck and goose wings and pigeons (and hopefully will be retrieving them!), and will have had abundant socialization with adults and children.    Our puppies are  microchipped before going home.   Puppies go home at 7-8 weeks age.   
CLICK HERE for photos and more information about our puppy raising program.

Future Breeding Plans:
As we approach retirement in 2020, we are also approaching the end of our breeding program. 

Fall 2019 -- Our LAST litter and the culmination of our breeding program.  Our hope is to breed Luna to Gus (frozen semen).   We have the very last straw of frozen Gus semen, perhaps The Last semen from an AFC Holway Barty son.  We expect a very small litter with only a couple puppies available ONLY to experienced and serious competition/working/breeder homes.  Anticipated timing is breeding in mid-late September 2019, pups due late November, ready to go home late January.
Click HERE to view the litter pedigree.


If you are in the Houston, TX area:
To locate other reputable breeders, please check the breeder list for the Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club;
or consider adopting a rescued Golden Retriever from Golden Beginnings or from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston.
If you are outside of the Houston, TX area, please visit the Golden Retriever Club of America web site for breeder/puppy referral and rescue organization contact information in your region.  

Our  Puppy Sales Policies

Our goal in breeding has always been to produce the very best possible working retrievers.  As we near the end of our breeding program, we are planning breedings intended to produce active, high drive dogs with a strong desire and need to work.   They require physical and mental exercise.  If you have little time for training and exercising a dog, or are looking for a calm, laid-back dog, we are not the right breeder for you.

Puppies are sold ONLY to approved homes.   A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of whelping to reserve a puppy in the litter; we reserve the right to return any deposit and cancel any pending puppy sale.    We require a written sale contract for each puppy sold.   Pet puppies are required to be spay/neutered;  this is not negotiable.  Sale contracts for performance pups to be sold intact are negotiated on an individual basis.   At the present time, we prefer to not ship puppies; out-of-town buyers should be willing to travel here to meet us and pick up their puppy in person.

After your puppy goes home, we will be available to you to assist in whatever way we can as you raise your puppy.    We are happy to answer questions about puppy rearing and training.  If at any time, at any age, for any reason, you can no longer continue to care for your puppy, we require that you return the dog to us and we will take responsibility for finding it another good home.  We will always be here to help any dog of our breeding.   On the other hand, we do expect that our puppy buyers will keep the lines of communication open and keep in contact with us throughout the lifetime of the dog.

Breeding quality puppies in a responsible manner is an expensive undertaking.   Vet care, health clearances on sire and dam, premium food, stud fees, costs of the breeding and whelping, and more -- it all adds up!    In the Houston area, you should expect to pay $1800 to $2500 for a pet puppy from a reputable breeder.    Show or performance competition prospects may go higher.


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