Upcoming Litters

We have retired from breeding and no longer have puppies available.  
Nor will we have adult dogs available for placement.

Some dogs produced by our breeding program are being bred by other breeders,
and we are pleased to announce those litters when available:


If you are looking for a Golden Retriever in the greater Houston area, we recommend the puppy referral page of the Gr. Houston Golden Retriever Club.   There you will find information about Goldens, how to recognize a reputable breeder, a list of club members who breed, and links to area Golden Retriever rescue groups.  We always encourage folks looking for a family companion to consider adopting from rescue!

Breeding quality puppies in a responsible manner is an expensive undertaking.   Vet care, health clearances on sire and dam, premium food, stud fees, costs of the breeding and whelping, and more -- it all adds up!    In the Houston area, you should expect to pay $2000 or more for a pet puppy from a reputable breeder.    Show or performance competition prospects may go higher.

If you are outside of the Houston, TX area, please visit the Golden Retriever Club of America web site for breeder/puppy referral and rescue organization contact information in your region.  

In answer to many questions we've received over the years, we've developed a page showing our puppy raising program.  If you are looking for a reputable breeder of Goldens, this page may help you understand what a responsible/reputable breeder does for their litters, just how much thought and work goes into it!  
CLICK HERE for photos and more information about our puppy raising program.


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