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Trooper is a very nicely balanced dog -- a good working dog, great hunting dog and good household companion.    He is easy to live with in the house.   Although top dog in the household, he is playful with other dogs including other males.   Says his owner, Jim Drager: "Trooper LOVES to run and LOVES to play by running very fast. The other males chase him, and he lets them catch his tail, which brings on a playful wrestling match, good old fashion roll in the grass."

As a working dog, Trooper has that ideal balance of a dog with a lot of drive yet a biddable team player.  He is a fast, hard-running dog, even doing blind retrieves.  He is a good marker and has a good nose.  Trooper's strength is his water confidence.   In addition to hunting with Jim, Trooper runs AKC hunt tests and field trials.    He is an AKC Master Hunter and is All-Age Qualified.    Trooper is owner trained and handled.

Trooper is a compact dog, 73 lbs in hard working condition.  He has a dense, correct textured light-medium golden coat with modest furnishings.  He has full dentition and a correct scissors bite.  He produces very dark pigment in his puppies.   Trooper is well-structured and has placed in the Field Trial Dog conformation class at Golden Retriever national specialties.

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