Watermark's Travis JH                     "Travis"

                 High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH WCX ***OS
         Goldenloch's Run'N Crockett MH WCX ***             
                                  Goldenloch Wind On The Water JH

                           FC AFC Tigathoe's Kiowa II OS FDHF                                                                Travis' Pedigree
Dam:        Kiowa's Solo JH OD           
                                 Kiowa's Kalumet CD MH WCX OD


OWNERS:     Laura Curry and Mary Tatum, DVM
July 7, 2009
Height:       22.5 -23 inches                 Weight:    65-70 lbs.
         medium golden
              Excellent,  OFA  GR-103685E24M-VPI
     Normal,  OFA GR-EL24776M24-VPI
             Clear 4/16/2012,  CERF GR-347588,     prcd-PRA clear by parentage
         Clear,  OFA  GR-CA19435/18M/C-VPI  
AKC CHIC#:   74947

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Travis embodies much of what the ideal Golden Retriever should be: an athletic sound dog with confidence, drive and desire to work, capable of fulfilling the breed purpose of a working hunting retriever, and a loving family member, well-mannered and trustworthy at home.   Travis has that perfect ON/OFF switch.  When its time to work, he's "UP" and ready to GO(!), whether the game is field work or agility or anything else.     Travis is a confident, tractible dog, smart, willing, attentive, and easy to train.   He makes good natural eye contact.   In agility class, Travis is known for his blazing speed on the course!    At home, he's calm and well-behaved, wonderful with the kids in the family, a joy to live with.   Golden Retriever temperaments don't come any better than this!!!

Travis is a very moderate, athletic dog.   He stands about 22.5 to 23 inches at the shoulder, weighs about 65-70 lb in hard working condition.     He has a medium golden coat with correct working texture, easy to care for.     Travis has good pigment,  and a correct scissors bite with one missing premolar.

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