Vintage Kennels Field/Hunt Training Program

Vintage Kennels is located in the Katy area, west of Houston, TX.  The 6 acre property includes over 2 acres of technical training ponds, outdoor obedience practice areas, fenced grass play areas, and a kennel with grooming/bathing facilities and 12 indoor/outdoor and 5 outdoor, fully roofed runs. 

We offer an Introduction to Field/Hunt Basics program to teach retrievers the foundation skills needed for success in field and hunting work.  Space is limited to two dogs per session, two sessions per year.  Fall session begins early October, and Spring session begins in January.  The program takes about 3 months.

Skills covered include:

Depending on the dog and the amount of basic training they have received prior to starting our program,  in 3 months most dogs are beginning to be steady to shot, able to retrieve ducks and pheasant to distances of 50-80 yards in moderate cover on land, and 40-60 yards in water.  They will have completed Single-T handling drill, and maybe Swim-By (Single-T on water).

How far each dog advances depends on the individual.  We believe each dog learns at their own pace, and they should not be pushed beyond their capacity to learn  just to meet an arbitrary schedule.  Nor do we force dogs to adhere to a fixed training methodology.   There is more than one way to train any concept, and training at Vintage Kennels is tailored to meet each dog's needs and abilities.    Dogs graduating from our program have acquired a sound foundation and are prepared to begin the business of learning the job of a hunting retriever, and/or to continue on to advanced retriever training. 

Three months is not sufficient time to produce a polished hunting retriever.    Upon graduation from our program, we may recommend additional training time with a professional trainer who can advance your dog's marking and handling skill and experience.

Puppies should be at least 6 months old and have completed teething.  Prior to that age, we are happy to schedule a private lesson with you to provide training guidance as you raise your retriever puppy and prepare it to enter our program.  We highly recommend the training videos of Bill Hillmann and his training methods.   Puppies who have gone through the Hillmann basic puppy program prior to coming to Vintage Kennels for training, have a definite head start towards retrieving success.

We are not currently accepting dogs for household obedience training.

Reservations are being taken for our Introduction to Field Basics program.

E-mail:                   Phone 8am to 8 pm     281-702-6224


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