Ice x Luna
Litter whelped May 2, 2019
4 females / 2 males
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   May 2, 2019   WE'RE HERE!!!   Introducing, in order of entry into this world:  Ms. Purple, Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, Ms. Red, Ms. Yellow, and Ms. Orange!   Making our debuts at 17 to 19 oz, we're a hefty bunch!   Very consistent in color -- medium gold.   We're ID'd by tiny spots of color nail polish on our shoulders (so Anne & Doug can tell us apart).  
We're all doing great and our Momma Luna is being a terrific mom, keeping us very well fed and clean!

March 27, 2019  The first photo of this litter.  Ultrasound confirmed Luna is pregnant, carrying at least 6-7 puppies!  (2 are visible in this image)