Grip x Diamond
Born August 27, 2018
2 girls, 4 boys
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September 12, 2018.  Two weeks old now.  Eyes are open,, though their vision is not great yet.  Ears are opening and they are starting to respond to sound!  Their space has been expanded.   While most of the time is still spent sleeping, they are having more and more awake periods where they are exploring their surroundings and learning to play with each other.  


September 3, 2018.  Black Boy here reporting:  What a busy life we have, sleep, eat, sleep, grow, eat, sleep, ... I've been so dedicated to the sleeping that I even slept through yesterday's weigh-in!  Of course, I work hard at the eating too, and you can see it on the read-out of the scale!    
Big changes are on the horizon though.  We're starting to try to stand and walk.  I actually saw Pink Girl almost walking, lurching really(snicker!) across the whelping box this morning!   Hmm, yawn, gotta get back to work ... eat, sleep, eat, sleep ...  Life is Good!


August 28, 2018  We're HERE!  Two girls, 4 boys, born Aug 27.   We're a "rainbow" litter with color ranging from red-gold to medium to lighter blonde.   Diamond's being a terrific mother, pups are all doing great!  

August 22, 2018 -- Getting close.  Diamond is carrying this litter easily.  Its only when she lies down and rolls over that one fully appreciates that belly full of pups!  They are active and moving a lot now!

FIRST Puppy Picture!
Ultrasound image from July 23, 2018