BJ x Peridot

August 6, 2009



SIRE:  " BJ "
CH Sheffield's Makin Whoopie Pie CD JH WC VC

Dam:  "Peridot"
HR Vintage Evening Emerald CD SH (MH passes)



The 2009 breeding of Peri to BJ produced a singleton puppy born August 6, 2009.


Puppies raised without littermates may not develop proper canine social skills.  We needed to provide this puppy with littermates!  Thanks to our veterinarian, Dr. Mary Tatum, two litters of Labrador puppies were made available to us.  

Arrangements were made for the first litter to come to us as soon as they were born.  Peri would raise them along with her singleton pup, and the Lab's mother could go back to her field training.   As it turns out the Labs, though delivered at full-term, were under-developed and for all practical purposes were premature.    August 13, four little female Lab puppies arrived.  By the end of their first week, only one survived.  We named her "Hope" and against all odds, she has survived!



Today Hope is a thriving young dog, much loved as a family companion, and showing great promise as a hunting dog!


We still needed "littermates" to help socialize Peri's puppy (now named Jasper) and Hope.  September 13, 2009 a litter of 11(!) four-week old Labrador puppies came to live with us for 3 weeks until they were old enough to go to their new homes.  Jasper and Hope fit right in with the new crowd, and everyone had a great time; all the while working on their social skills!

Jasper was placed with the McIntyre-Miller family of Houston, TX.  Today he's a much loved family companion, and frequently found entertaining the staff at his mom's veterinary clinic!