Ice and Luna's Health Clearance Information

Ice      Ice's OFA page


 Ice is DNA tested Clear for prcd-PRA, GR1_PRA, and NCL (neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis).  He is a genetic carrier for ichthyosis.  Click on the links below to see his Optigen reports.

Ice - NCL report

Ice - prcd_PRA report

Ice - GR1_PRA report

Ice - ichthyosis report

Ice died at almost 10 years age, of probable lymphoma.

       Luna's OFA page


Luna is DNA tested (by Paw Prints Genetics) CLEAR for prcd-PRA, GR1_PRA, GR2_PRA, ichthyosis, and degenerative myopathy.   Ice is a genetic carrier for ichthyosis.  Luna and Ice's puppies will be either clear or carriers for ichthyosis; none will be genetically affected.

 Luna - Genetic Testing Report

Luna is DNA tested CLEAR for NCL.
The Ice x Luna puppies will all be "Clear by Parentage" for NCL.


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