Sky-Lab Argus of Belvedere *** OS

8/4/1977 -- 9/25/1992

              Eng. FT CH. Holway Westhyde Zeus
SIRE:    AFC Holway Barty OS   "Barty"
                  Eng. FT CH/ Holway Flush of Yeo

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                  Dual CH - AFC Tigathoe's Funky Farquar OS
DAM:  Sky-Lab Gandy Dancer WCX OD        "Andy"
                  AFC Bonnie BElle of Hunt Trails OD FDHF


Owner:   Mercedes Hitchcock
DATE OF BIRTH:   August 4, 1977
DATE of DEATH:  September 25, 1992  (15 yrs 1 month)
CAUSE of DEATH:  old age

  Normal,  OFA  GR-8792       
Clear at 14 yrs age, CERF GR-1319/91-168 
         Clear by general practitioner exams, no murmurs ever detected

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Gus' Titled Full Siblings:
      Sky-Lab Belvedere Baby Doll *** OD
             (20 Derby pts;   all-age pointed)
      Splashdown Sky-Lab Syndicate ***
      Skylab Special Edition ***
      Sky-Lab Chip UD WC

Some of Gus' Titled Offspring:

      Over The Limit *** OD (Derby list)
      Topbrass New Lisa On Life *** OD(Derby list)
      Belvedere's Forever Rais'en Cain ***
             (all-age pointed)
      Belvedere's Encore of Rocky-vue *** (Derby list)
      Belvedere's Bravo of Rocky-vue *** 
      Argus' Sheba of Belvedere MH WCX 
               (first MH Golden)
      Midas Belvedere Houston MH *** WCX OS
      Midas Belvedere Gunner *** (Derby list)
Belvederer's Local Motive MH ** WCX
      Doc's Rebel Without a Cause MH
      Belvedere's Absolute SH ** WCX
      Golden Loch Belvedere Bracken MH ** WCX
      Belvedere's Lady Diana SH
   plus others with CD, JH, WC, etc.

Gus was an excellent marking dog with intensity, style, speed, intelligence, and extreme birdiness.   He earned 8 Derby points, and ran five Qualifying stakes, earning 3 placements and a JAM.   Gus had placements in both Amateur and Open all age stakes.    Gus was known for his stylish water entry, and his ability to produce it in his offspring!     

Gus was a sound,  well-built dog with moderate size and coat.    In hard working condition, he weighed in at 58 lb.   Marcia Schlehr critiqued Gus when he was 11 years of age:   "Somewhat smaller dog, very well made, well put together, very clean outline.  Good angulation front & rear.  Sound true moving dog.  Good ribspring, good length of rib cage, short strong loin.  Coat short, good firm texture, wavy, good gold color.  Attractive head, well shaped, good skull, stop, & muzzle."

Those who knew Gus described him:

Gus lived to 15 years, one months age, and was sound and active up until the time of his death,.  He died of natural causes ("old age").   He has reproduced his sound health and longevity in his offspring (not to mention his spectacular water entry)!

Gus (left) with sister Sky-Lab Belvedere's Baby Doll *** OD

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