Grip and Diamond's Health Clearance Information

Grip      Grip's OFA page

Heart: Normal OFA GR-CA26164/27M/C-VPI
Hip: Good OFA GR-111110G27M-VPI
Elbow: Normal OFA GR-EL31408M27-VPI
Thyroid: Normal OFA GR-TH2635/27M-VPI
Eye: Normal OFA GR-EYE2615/58M-VPI  (2017)
prcd-PRA: Carrier (OptiGen)
GR PRA1: Normal (OptiGen) 
GR PRA2: Normal (OptiGen) 
Ichthyosis:  Carrier (Optigen)

Diamond       Diamond's OFA page


OFA considers Diamond's left elbow to show signs of arthritis, so it does not pass OFA elbow clearance.   The right elbow is marked normal.  She is 100% sound, and has not had lameness issues with either elbow.  Given that many dogs fail OFA elbows, but remain perfectly sound their entire lives and never produce elbow issues in their progeny, combined with all of Diamond's exceptional qualities -- we consider is an acceptable risk to breed Diamond without this clearance.


Grip is a carrier for prcd-PRA.  Diamond is clear.   Prcd-PRA is a simple recessive trait.   Grip and Diamond's puppies will be either clear or carrier, but none will be genetically affected by prcd-PRA.

Grip and Diamond are both carriers for ichthyosis.  There is a possiblity of this breeding producing genetic affected puppies.   Should any puppies from this breeding exhibit clinical symptoms of ichthyosis, the breeder will pay for DNA testing to confirm the diagnosis.  If a puppy exhibits clinic symptoms and tests DNA Affected, at the buyers request and choice, the breeder will refund 1/2 the purchase price and the buyer may keep the puppy, or the breeder will take the puppy back and return a full refund of purchase price.

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