Adirondac Code Red MH *** WCX


                 WR Crown River's Golden Widget CD MH ** WCX OS
         Mioak's Real McCoy Am/Can ***    Mac          
                                  Shoreland's Full of Spirit OD

                           FTCH AFTCH Shurmark's Split Decision Am MH ** OS, Can FDHF
Dam:        Adirondac Patent Pending CD MH WCX    Penny        
                                 Adirondac Poke-O-Moonshine CDX SH WCX


OWNERS:     Steve & Sally Low
April 16, 2000
DIED:             June 29, 2009
CAUSE OF DEATH:  Adrenal tumor
       23 ½ inches                 Weight:    80 lbs.
              Good,  OFA  GR-76771G28M-PI
     Normal,  OFA GR-EL6368M28 -PI
             Clear,  CERF GR-24855 (2004),     prcd-PRA carrier (Optigen DNA testing)
         SAS Clear,  OFA  GR-CA5173/28M/C-PI   
Thyroid:    Normal,  OFA  GR-TH547/47M-PI  
AKC CHIC#:   11296

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Cody embodied so much of our vision of the ideal Golden Retriever:  handsome and well-structured, a talented and enthusiastic retriever, easily trainable, stable temperament, an easy-to-live-with and fun household companion.   

Cody was Steve's first dog to train for competition.  It wasn't until Cody was 1 year of age that Steve began to train him for field competition.  While Steve had help from experienced trainers, he did ALL the training himself and always handled Cody at the line.  In a few short years, Cody breezed through Junior, Senior, and Master Hunter.  Cody has qualified for the Master National hunt test two years in a row.  As of his retirement, Cody had 23 Master passes.   April 2, 2006 Cody earned a JAM in an Amateur field trial stake, thus earning his All-Age Qualified (***) status!   He went on to earn Open 3rd and Amateur 2nd placements.

Cody was a well-muscled, solidly built dog, weighing in at almost 80 lbs at about 23 1/2 inches height.   He was short-coupled with good length of rib cage, short loin, and a very nice front.   He had great breadth of chest and body, and excellent spring of rib.   Cody's coat was dense, wavy, dark red-gold with lighter golden highlights.   He had lovely dark pigment, and full dentition.

Cody's temperament was true "gold."   Friendly with everyone, loving to show off and charm new acquaintances.   He got along with everyone, human and canine, even feline.   In the field, he was a focused, intense retriever.  At home he was a happy, playful lap dog with a delightful sense of humor!   Cody and his folks live in a motor home, traveling around the country full-time.   This hard-running athletic hunting dog lived easily in a small home, smaller than most apartments, shared with his human mom and dad and one kitten.  Cody loved life on the road, always visiting new places and making new friends.  His easy-going, stable temperament, confidence & courage, and adaptability are truly virtues worth preserving in future generations.  They are at the core of what makes the Golden Retriever that most excellent combination of outstanding hunting dog and peerless family companion!

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