Vintage Kennels Boarding Services  

Vintage Kennels is located in the Katy area, west of Houston, TX.  The 6 acre property includes over 2 acres of technical training ponds, outdoor obedience practice areas, fenced grass play areas, and a kennel with grooming/bathing facilities and 12 indoor/outdoor and 5 outdoor, fully roofed runs. 

  • Full service boarding

  • Flexible hours for drop off/pick up

  • Individual attention and care

  • Spacious kennel runs

  • Kuranda cots in every kennel

  • Daily play time in small groups

  • Shaded, grass play yards

  • Short and long-term boarding

  • Can accomodate special diets and most special medical needs

  • Grooming available for Goldens Retrievers and select other breeds

  • Complimentary bath for stays of 4 nights or longer

  • No extra charges for play, petting, medications, etc

  • Discounts for additional dogs from same household, and stays over 4 weeks

  • No small dogs under about 25 lbs.

E-mail:       Phone 8am to 8 pm  281-702-6224

Boarding dogs enjoy hours of playtime in the fenced grass play yards.   Four yards allow dogs to go out to play in small groups carefully selected to match up dogs of similar age and energy level.   Older, quieter dogs can air separately from the young wild-n-crazy pups.   Those who do not get along well with others can air in their own yard.   All yards have shade, and automatic water dispensers; in summer, sprinklers and wading pools provide hours of fun play for water-loving pups. 

When not out playing, each dog has a spacious covered run with Kuranda cots inside and outside for their comfort while napping.   Fleece pads cover the inside cots in winter.   Dogs are taken out to potty and play a minimum of 5 times every day.  During good weather, those who enjoy the outdoors can stay out in the play yards all afternoon if they like.  Every dog comes in from their bedtime potty break to find a "mint" (ie dog treat) on their pillow! 

We can accommodate special diets (including raw) and most special medical needs.   Every dog gets a dab of yogurt and fish oil on their breakfast (diet permitting)!    We provide a grain-free chicken-based dry food (4Health brand); however you are welcome to bring your dog's regular food if you prefer.   We can accomodate dogs with intensive medical needs (post-surgical, rehab, or very geriatric frail dogs);  if need be these dogs are cared for in our home.  

Dogs staying four nights or longer receive a bath before going home.  Full service grooming is available while boarding for Golden Retrievers and select other breeds.

We are not equipped to safely keep very small dogs or very large breeds.  Minimum size is about 25 pounds.   We will not accept dogs who are aggressive towards humans.   We can handle most dogs who don't get along well with other dogs, but if they exhibit overt aggression within the kennel or fence fighting, or present a danger or stress to other boarding dogs, they may not be asked back to visit again.  Dogs who can climb 6 foot chain link fences can not be safely boarded here, and we don't want to accept any dog we can't keep safe and happy.

Short-term and long-term boarding available.   Make your reservations early, especially in the summer and for holidays.   We take only a limited number of dogs (18 max) and those slots may fill up 4-6 weeks in advance during busy times.

We are available for drop off and pick up by appointment only.  We try to be available 7 days a week, 8 am to 8pm, with some exceptions to allow us time to train our own dogs!    The kennel may be closed for a couple weeks in May and/or September so we can have a little vacation time too.   Inquire in advance about availability for those months.

Proprietor Anne McGuire has over 28 years experience as a dog owner, trainer, and Golden Retriever breeder.  She has trained dozens of retrievers including putting AKC Obedience Championships (OTCH) on three of her own dogs, as well as many AKC Senior and Master Hunters, and AKC Tracking and Tracking Excellent titles.  Many client dogs have gone on to AKC obedience and hunt test titles.   Anne has managed Vintage Kennels as a boarding facility since 2003.    Anne is also a respected breeder of working Golden Retrievers, breeding 1-2 carefully planned litters every few years.   The McGuire household typically includes 4-8 Goldens, with the occaisonal Labrador Retriever.  Anne and Doug whole-heartedly support rescue, and  volunteer their services for Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue and Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston.   For the past 17 years, the household has always included a senior (8+ yrs old) rescued retriever.

During your dog's stay at Vintage Kennels, Anne is responsible for your dog's care, 24/7.   Husband Doug (with his offical "Unpaid Kennel Help" T-shirt) provides assistance and backup care.  Your dog enjoys the reassuring presence of two people they come to know well.  The continuity of care ensures any change in your dog's well-being is detected quickly and necessary action taken if needed.   We live here on the property.  Dogs here enjoy personalized 24 hour care in a stress-free, safe environment.  

E-mail:       Phone 8am to 8 pm  281-702-6224

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